Meeen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum Review

meenkuzhambum-manpaanayum-reviewThe film Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum marks the debut of star kid Kalidas Jayaram as hero. The film deals with the story of a lovable father and son. rather than a father and son they are great friends. The Tamil film Meen Kuzhambum Mann paanauyum is a light hearted movie but has the element to satisfy audience. Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum is produced by Dyshyanth ramkumar under his production banner Eshan productions.

The film has no usual Tamil gimmicksk and is a decent watch for the movie lovers, The film has some fun and fantasy and hence you will have a good time watching the movie. Kalidas Jayaram delivered a decent performance and it seems he was perfectly fit for the role. Prabhu as Annamalai, father of Karthik(Kalidas Jayaram), it is his one another energetic performance and he is well in that role. The combo scenes of Prabhu and Kalidas Jayaram is an interesting factor in this and that combination works out well. Ashna Saveri as Pavithra made a good performance and she is capable to avoid from the exaggerations of that role.

Pooja Kumar as Mala also made a decent performance. Urvashi, the actress who handle most of the comedy numbers in the film and she had done it perfectly without showing Overacting. Santhana Bharathi and M S Bhaskar are the rest in supporting roles and they had deliverd their best to the cinema. There are Kamal Hassan is doing a Guest appearance and the rest of actors are good with their performances

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