Ore Mukham Malayalam Movie Review


Ore Mukham the Malayalam drama film written and directed by Sajith Jagadnandan has finally theaters. The movie’s release date was postponed several times and finally the movie was announced to be released today but the movie wasn’t able to be screened in the morning due to some license problem, but finally the movie has been released. Jayalaj Menon and Anil Biswas bankrolled this film under Backwater studios. The film Ore Mukham starring Dhyan Sreenivasan, Prayaga Martin, Aju Varghese, and Deepak Parambol in lead roles. The movie was off to a good start Dhyan Sreenivasan plays Zachariah Pothan in the film.

The movie revolves around the murder of an NRI businessman named Aravindan Menon, and the prime suspect Zachariah Pothan. A young journalist and a police officer tries to unravel the mystery of Zachariah Pothan and the infamous dual murder case which happened during his college days. The first Half of the movie was a bit laggy. But the second half of the movie was quite good and the second half is the backbone of the movie. Satheesh Kurup’s cinematography is worth appreciation and the background score and music by Bijibal was also good. The movie has many cliche scenes that we have been quite bored seeing. Aju Varghese played the character Das in the movie who is Zachariah Pothan’s classmate and Aju’s performance was quite good.

The movie seemed to lack a flow may be it is because of the editing, the editing of the movie wasn’t quite good. All in all the movie is quite interesting to watch apart from those cliche scenes and the editing would have been much improved. The movie is a watchable one and can be rated a 2.5 of 5

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