Marupadi Movie Review

V M Vinu is one of the favourite directors of the Malayalam audience who always comes up with intense and great family entertainers. V M Vinu after Mohanlal starrer Balettan and Mammootty Starrer Vesham has come up with his new family entertainer movie titled Marupadi which stars Rahman, Bhama and Baby Nayanthara in lead roles. The movie revolves around the family of Aby (Rahman), his wife Sara (Bhama), and their daughter Riya (Baby Nayantara). Aby is a bank employee. Sara is brought up in an orphanage and she feels so lucky to be the wife of Aby. Theirs is a love marriage. When Aby gets a transfer to Kolkata, the family shifts to Kolkata where they have to suffer certain unexpected tragedies. How they face and overcome these adverse situations form the crux of the story. ‘Marupadi’ narrates the story of a family which is continuously hounded by law and power. The movie is based on a real life incident which took place in North India. Marupadi is a relevant film, asking the right questions that ring aloud in the minds of most women and parents. It has a storyline that the viewers can sympathize with, and it acknowledges uncomfortable truths about the systems meant to protect us. At some point in time, we might also have come across such instances in real life. All that varies is probably, the degree of harassment for the people at its mercy and yes, the film has its intentions right. Rahman made a good comeback with the movie as his performance in the movie was excellent. The movie also features Janardhanan, Devan, Surabhi, Sudheep Chatterji, Shiju Nair, Valsala Menon, and Santhosh Keezhattoor. The story and script are written by Julaina Ashraf is strong and has all the ingredients for a family drama. The Cinematography By Venugopal and Editing by K R Midhun was done decently. The songs by M Jayachandran was nice to hear and also the BGM by Gopi Sundar was also good. The movie cannot be said as a family thriller but is a great family drama and is a must watch, a strong script form the backbone of the movie and V M Vinu’s expertise in making family drama and The performance of Rahman, Bhama and other characters makes it a must watch at the theatres.

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