It was due to Shoko Asahara Mammootty had to walk 4 Kilometers to find a Dustbin


Mammootty recently became the victim of trollers after he said about an incident when he had to walk 4 Kilometers inorder to find a dustbin to put orange peels. Soon the social media where filled with trolls and the incident became a topic of debate on social Media. but when the situations in Japan is considered what the actor must have said seems to be true. Unlike in our country in Japan, we cannot find dustbins at every nook and corner. As the citizens are very strict regarding cleanliness they won’t throw it away on the streets, so what the actor must have said may be true, he may have walked 4 kilometers to find a dust binn to throw off the orange peels. It is due to Shoko Asahara the actor had to walk 4 miles inorder to find a dustbin. Shoko Asahara born Chizuo Matsumoto, is the founder of the Japanese Doomsday cult group Aum Shinrikyo. on March 20 1995 the group lead by Shoko Asahara made an attack in an underground railway station at Tokyo with the help of a gaseous substance Zarin and this resulted in the death of 12 and nearly 50 people where injured and around 5000 people where affected by loss of vision, after the incident the authorities removed all those substances from the local streets and public places which the attackers may use as a tool for their operation. In this process, the dustbins also got removed and now dustbins are placed at a gap of long distances. Also, the Japan citizens do not usually eat at Trains, Buses or in parks they go to Restaurants, food courts or they eat at home and as a results, there is only less need of a dustbin.

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