Nivin pauly’s interference, Kochi gets 4 fan parks

Nivin pauly’s interference, Kochi gets 4 fan parks. Kochi is completely dipped in football fever ahead of the summit clash between atletico kolkata and kerala blasters final in the Isl final. The tickets for the match have been sold out even two days before the match and the fans are not so happy about it.




Majority of the people are complaining about the number of vip’s allowed to watch the match ignoring the common fans who stood behind the team when they were down. Anyway the protests have forced the team management to place four big screens at various parts of kochi.

Owing to fans request, giant screens to be installed
at following places to screen #ISL Final
》Sacred Heart School
》Fort Kochi
》Durbar Hall Ground
》Vasco da Gama Ground



The team management has decided to place huge screens at sacred heart school, Fort kochi, Durbar hall ground and Vasco da gama ground. The decision have been taken after the team’s youth ambassador Nivin pauly took the issue to the management. Nivin announced the details of the screen as reply to a comment in the official page in facebook. Due to security reasons it is decided not to place any screens in front of the stadium.

The fan parks will be a big relief for the fans who are completely disappointed with the non availability of the tickets. The team management has issued a notification which stated that there will be no entry after 6 pm. Considering the large crowd, the gates will open at 3.30 to accommodate the crowd in the stadium.

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