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I never go out of my way to promote a film if the audience deem it mediocre : Asif Ali

[Asif Ali chats about his new release Adventures Of Omanakuttan]

Adventures of Omanakuttan which showcased a slow start at the beginning stage of release have now been running successfully in theatres. The actor of the movie Asif Ali shares why the movie had a slow pace in the beginning and how he managed directly to get attention of the public.

The actor blatantly says there was a serious fall in promotion and distribution process. They took almost 2 years to shoot the film in between he got many other roles to play and the look need to be changed thereafter. The actor and the crew were so confident on the post-production and that’s why he himself appealed the audience.
He also believes that audience must have made up a conclusion when they see or hear that the film is bad as it is Asif Ali’s. He also states that during the promotion he got cold responses from his own fans. Even they were not sure about the film since he had few films under his list.

In a chat about the character and the reason to choose the film he states he was actually looking for a character who don’t exhibits any character of himself. He recollects that in many roles he had been played so far, there is the mannerism of Asif Ali who have crept in it. Thus, the character of Omanakuttan differs from them and more likely the dedication of the director, script writer Sameer Abdul, editor Livingstone Mathew and the cinematographer Akhil George has also spurred him to complete the movie.

The actor who is currently working in the film titled Kaatu, directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and scripted by Ananthapadmanabhan. He shares his experience in its sets to be very good learning stage while working with actors like Murali Gopi.

Asif Ali moreover not like an actor but a simple audience thanks social media for its huge role in making the film a success. He often stay away from controversies raising from social media platforms. And he believes the 2 year hard work by all means have met the goal when it is released.

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