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Baahubali 2: The conclusion Movie Review

Finally the most awaited Indian Cinema has hit screens. The theatres witnessed a heavy ush for the S S Rajamouli film. Shows started at 6 in the morning and all the theatres were packed. The magnum opus was released in over 9000 screens today.

The first part of the film left us with aquestion why Kattapa Killed Baahubali, Now the second part takes the curiosity to the next level. In the first part we have seen that Baahubali was declared as the king of Mahishmathi by Shivaigami (Remya Krishna). According to the rituals of Mahishmati the upcoming king needs to visit the country side and must know the problems faced by the citizens. Baahubali sets on his journey to enquire about the problems faced by the citizens, he reaches a small kingdom named Kuntala where he sees Princess Devasena(Anushka) and falls in love with her. Devasana also gets attracted towards Baahubali, Baahubali brings her to Mahishmati. But he gets a shock as shivagami changes her decision and announces Bhalladeva(Rana) as the king.

Why Did Shivagami made Bhalladeva the King? What is the story that backed her from making Bahubali the King? Why Didi Kattappa Killed Bahubali? so there are more questions now and the curiosity of the audience reaches a new level as now there is more to know than why Kattappa Killed Bahubali. To Know the answers to all these questions you will need to watch the film. Preferrably on a 4K Screen with Dolby Atmos surround as the film is a Visual treat and the audio adds to the treat.

In Depth Review:

When entering the theatre the expectations were sky high. It is really an adrenaline rushing moment when you are watching the film on the big screen on the first day first show. The show began at 6:10 and the theatre was packed. If someone asks to say about the fim in a single word I would Call it `EPIC`. yes the film was an epic one in all terms whether its the graphics, the audio, the script, the crafting or costume. The film started off with agood pace, the film has a long running time of nearly 3 hours but as the film is filled with surprises and is a visual extravaganza you will not feel any lag in the film you will be glued to the seats for the three hours.

All credit for the film goest to S S Rajamouli for his brilliant way of story telling. In the second part we can see the beastly side of Baahubali unleashed and Prabhas have done a great job and has delivered great acting performance. Prabhas got more exposure in the film rather than the first part and got oppurtunity to show off his acting skills. Rana as Bhalladeva also delivered an amazing performance and his performance will make you feel that no other actor could have done better than this his villanous role makes the film more enthrilling. Anushka had more screen space in the second part than in the first and she has also done a great performance and looks quite beautiful through out the film. Tamannah had only very less screen space and infact she was seen only at the end of the film. Remya Krishna showcases great emotions and she is the one who ads more depth to the film. Sathyaraj as Kattappa once again amazed the audience infact he his character was the most talked one rather than Baahubali. The audience may some time gets a little bit disappointed with the reason for WKKB(Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali) but it goes well with the storyline. another minuse about the film is that the romantic scenes between Anushka and Prabhas would have been cut down a little bit.

The VFX team of the film needs to be appreciated more than anyone else who have worked in the film. The VFX is awesome with great detailing. The film is undoubtedly the most technically efficient film ever made in India. The kingdom, the waterfall, evrything looks so perfect that at some point you will feel that those are real ones. The Background score of M M Keeravani is also brilliant. One of the main things i liked in the first part was the background score, I Don`t know how many times i have wathced the film just to experience that awesome background score that perfectly synced with the visuals and storyline of the film adding more drama, more curiosity ..etc. But the songs except the theme music was not that good comparing the previous part, it feels like there is something lacking in the songs. The dialogues of the film were also too good. Regarding the costumes, weapons and props used. It seems that they have done a good wirk and has spend time in bringing the perfect costume and weapons. Through out the film i was wondering how S S Rajamouli had brought excellence in every single frame in the film. To bring an out of the box concept and to get an output like this, definitly the man is a genius. Baahubali will become an evergreen classic for Indian Cinema and S S Rajamouli will be remembered as the man who have raised the pride of Indian Cinema to the next level.

All great works are the result of teamwork and Bahubali is no exception it is really great to see that every department of the film whether it is the artists, VFX, Costume, Sound have excelled and the excellence in every department have resulted in such a great output. The film has already shattered some great box office records, the film has broken the record of Aamir Khan starrer Dangal in terms of Pre Booking and we can undoubtedly predict that the film will be the apex first day grosser of Indian Cinema and will soon be the biggest Indian Grosser in terms of Box Office Collection.

FINAL VERDICT: Baahubali is EPIC. Rush to the theatres to watch the blockbuster that will be then called as a ‘Classic’.

NB: Baahubali is something that you need to experience on the big screen so it would be recommended to go to the theatres with 4K projection and Dolby Atmos Surround System.

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