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Careful Official Trailer

The trailer of the film Careful has been released. The film is the directorial venture of V k Prakash. Careful is produced by Suresh Balaje & George Pius. The screen play of the film is written by Rajesh Jayaraman based on the story of Pawan Kumar. The cinematography for the film is done by Dhanesh Ravindranath and the edits are by Babu R.. The music for the film is tuned by Aravind and Sankar.

The film stars Vijaya Babu, Sandhya Raju, Saiju Kurup, Parvathy Nambiar, Aju Varghese, Vineeth Kumar, Jeo Mol, Ashokan, Sreejith Ravi, Krishna Kumar, Mukundhan & Others. The trailer of the film gives an idea that the film is a family drama thriller. The trailer looks from very promising and the movie doesn’t have a big star cats but the film have some expectation value as the film is crafted by V k Prakash.

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