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Comrade In America CIA Movie Review

The dulquer Salmaan – Amal Neerad film has finaly hit the theatres. The hopes on the film were high as Amal Neerad who has always made some stylish films in the Mollywood is uniting with Young star Dulquer Salmaan. The film managed to create a great hype with its teaser. Karthika Muralidharan, Priyanka Nair and Chandini Sreedharan Plays the female lead role in jthe film. The film had a great hype and had more than 67 fan shows. The theatres witnessed a great rush for the film and many were packed. The film is produced by Ajmal Khalid and Amal Neerad under the banner of amal Neerad Productions. The cinematography is done by Renadive and the music for the film is tuned by Gopi Sundar.

The film is differenet from that of other amal Neerad film and he had gone for a different style of treat ment for the film. CIA has action drama and light humour with an enjoyable first half and an entetaining second half. The film has a runtime of 2 hour and 10 minutes and Narrates the story of comrade Aji Mathew who is a member of a youth wing of a communist party. Aji Mathew is a cosially responsible young politician who does some social chores to help people and also has the guts to question those who go against common people. Dulquer as Aji Mathew plays a bit of serious mature character and he has delivered a decent performance in the film. The intro scene of Dulquer was one of the best, may be better than that of the intro scene in Vikramadithyan. Apart from the intro the film is also filled with some mass scenes that will definitly get the fans of the young actor excited. The film discusses some of the recent events in the Kerala politics, the film is not ony about politics but also about the love life of Aji Mathew. Karthika Muraliplays the role of Sarah, the love of Aji Mathew. Siddique plays the father of Dulquer in the film and as always the veteran actor has delivered a brilliant performance. Soubin and Dilees is seen as comrades in the film and they adds up to the humour element in the film and both have delivered a good performance.

The first half of the film has some politics, romance, light humour, a stunning intro and some mass moments and there is also a Big B reference in the movie that got the fans excited. The first half is decent, some unexpected event happen and Aji Mathew sets for an adventorius journey and that`s the end of the first half and it sets stage for the second half.

The second half is a bit serous and an adventorous one. The Amal Neerad Magic strikes again and in the jpurney of Aji Mathew we can see some great locations, iterrains and some amazing frames. difficulties Faced by Aji Mathew in his journey and the happening forms the crux of the story.

On the technical side, The Cinematoography by Renadive was great, he managed to capture some awesome visuals you can see his brilliance at the second half during Aji Mathew`s journey and the song Kannil Kannil was beautifully picturised.. The next major thing in the film is the music the songs Vaanam Thila Thilakanu sung by Dulquer and the song Kannil Kannil was good and the background scire was also impressive. Amal Neerad have crafted the film nicely.
FINAL VERDICT: An enjoyable first half and a serious second half. A Clean entertainer, A Different approach from Amal Neerad.

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88.33% Total Rating

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