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C/O Saira Banu is one of the malayalam releases that hit theatres today. The film features Actress Manju Warrier in the lead role. The film is directed by Antony Sony based on the script of RJ Shaan and is produced jointly by Maqtro Pictures, RV Films, and Eros International. Actress Amala Akkineni alsso plays a important role in the film. Manju Warrier plays the titular character of Saira Banu in the film, Saira Banu is a post woman, Joshua Peter is her son who is a low student, the character of Joshua Peter is played by Shane Nigam. Amala Akkineni appears as an advocate in the film and her character has an important role in the storyline.

The film narrates the relationship between a mother and a son and how the middle class mother sets out to help her son when he is in trouble. The film in its story line has included many relevant incidents that is currently happening in our society. The mother and son shares a novel bond and was leading a happy life. Problems popped up when Joshua insisted in pursuing his passion and fights with his mother for the same, one day he sets out from the home. Joshua lands in a legal trouble. How Saira Banu helps his son in getting out of the legal entanglement forms the crux of the story. The first half of the film focussed on the releationship between the mother and son and the secnd half had a serious tone and deat with how a middle class woman is helping her son in getting out of a legal entangelement against the powerfull persons of the society.

The perfomance delivered by all the artists in the lead were outstanding, Manju Warrier delivered a great perfomance but the actress seemed to be struggling when handling humor. Shane Nigam has essayed the role well and it seemed that he was the perfect choice for the role. here were also some issues with the lip sync of Amaala Akkineni. Joy Mathew, Ganesh Kumar, sujith Sankar, John Paul, Niranjana Anoop. Jagadish, Indrans Sunil Sugadha were also seen in the film. The music for the film was tuned by Mejjo Joseph and it was an good.

FINAL VERDICT: An Family Drama with a Thrilling Storyline.

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