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The Kollywood film Dhruvangal Pathinaaru was released a few weeks back and the film failed to hit theatres in Kerala due to a Cinema Strike. The film has finally hit the screens in Kerala. Dhruvangal Pathinaaru doesn’t have any star cast and is the venture of a 22 year old debutant. The trailer of the film made people to expect something from the film. But the non star cast film impressed the audience. Dhruvangal Pathinaaru is a mystery thriller starring Actor Rahman and is directed by Karthick Narein. The film is also scripted by the director and when watching the 105 minutes long film there is a feel of reading a thriller novel of reputed writers. The film revolves around a person, an accident and a murder. Rahman plays the role of an investigator in the film. Unlike other investigation thrillers where the case gets solved due to the brilliance of the Investigator in Dhruvangal Pathinaru it is treated more naturally how the event unfolds the connections the clues .. etc.

You may try guessing what’s next but probably will go wrong as the movie is narrated in such a way, every incident happening and every character’s story has some connections with each other and how the scriptwriter has connected and related all the things is brilliant. The scriptwriter has also keenly viewed things in almost all the angles and the detailing in the film is high. The film will make you glued to the seats , at the first half you will feel some unnecesaary characters and incidents are there to just prevent you or distract you from guessing what happens next but at the climax you will see that those things has a connection and from this it is sure that the scriptwriter has worked really hard. It seemed that Rahman was the perfect choice for the role of Investigator in the film, His body language voice and mannerisms were apt for the role. Rahman has delivered an amazing performance in the film, it is very unfortunate that the it took years long for some one to utilize the potenital of this actor. The film has many less known actors and new comers they all have done a decent job in the film.

The bacground score of the film was done by Jakes Bejoy and he managed to create a thrill and increase the excitement for the mystery thriller film. The cinematography was handled by Sujit Sarang and he has brought some good frames apt for a crime thriller film. The edits was an important element of the movie and the editor Sreejith Sarang has done some clear cut edits.

FINAL VERDICT: A Complex Script executed in a brilliant way. A Must Watch Investigation Thriller.

RATING : 4/5

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