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Ezra the horror movie of Prithviraj. Prithviraj plays they main role in the film. According to the scene surely the film will be a mega hit. The scene are to terrifyingly captured. It will make scare on every one’s mind. According to the main actor and malayalam super star Prithviraj this will be the most terrifying horror film ever captured in malayalam film industry.

“I find Ezra very exciting because it is Malayalam industry’s most honest attempt at a horror genre after a long time. Although filled with ample jump scares, the film will work well as a slow burn horror thriller, say, like The Omen,”

These are the words said by Prithviraj. The film is directed by Jay k and it is produced by AV Anoop and Mukesh R Mehta. The other important role in the film is played by the Priya anand. The film made shiverings on many people who not take prithviraj’s words. The story is thrilling and it is a good so watch it and enjoy.Well designed in sound department too..whole new level cinema experience guaranteed for the viewers. Exorcism portions could have been made better. Overall Ezra won’t make you feel dissatisfied.


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