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Malayalam actress Bhavana got engaged after controversies till last month.function conducted secretly in Bhavan’s House at Thrissur .Close relatives and friends took part in the small function Famous Kannada film producer naveen was the groom.Bhavana was victim of a rape attempt while her journey from angamaly to Ernakulam The issue made quakes in film industry recently A famous film actor is blamed as the suspect of the attack Bhavana wasn’t ready to face media persons.Manju warrior who supports Bhavana at any condition was also been at the Engagement function. The enquiry about rape attempt is going on Pulsar suni got arrested in last week.his Pen drive, mobile phones and Memory cards are under the custody of police.

Famous actors like Lal, Prithviraj sukumaran and Manju warrier announced their support to bhavana as Facebook post and in front of media Bhavana’s upcoming movie ‘ honey bee’ will be in theatres on March 23 Another movie adventures of Omana kuttan is also ready to release soon.For last one year Bhavana was not active in malayalam film industry

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