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Puthan Panam is the latest release of the Megastar of Mollywood, Mammootty. After his recent hit Great Father, Mammootty is all set to mark his new record. The movie directed by Ranjith has a very strong casting.Mammooty as Nithyanandha Shenoy along with Mammukoya,Indhrans,Siddque,Iniya,Sai Kumar and Joy Mathew has made this movie a classic one of the year.The movie is based on the recent sensation- Demonetization .On 8th November 2016,Narendra Modi introduced demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes in order to erase black money from the nation.

Ranjith has evolved a thriller script out of this. Mammootty movies have a trend of earning before its release by its huge promotion in social media.However the director and crew has ensured the secrecy of this movie.But definitely the movie is going to win the hearts of audience.

One of the major highlights of the movie is the perfection of capturing each scene. Om prakash is to be appreciated for his excellence in cinematography.The renowned cinematographer has done justice to this movie.Shaan and Achu Rajamani have did a splendid job in creating fresh and soothing music and background score respectively.

The movie shot in Kasaragod and Kochi uses the Kasaragod dialect.Kasaragod is known as the district of languages as it owns 7 languages.The uniqueness of the Kasaragod dialect is used by the film maker in this movie.The film deals with a prominent issue which our country faces and so itself is a must watch movie.

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