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Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu Movie Review

The Biju Menon starrer film Rakshadhikari Baiju has finally hit theatres. The movie is written and directed by Ranjan Pramod and is produced by Alexander Mathew and Satheesh Kolam under the banner of 100th Monkey Movies.

Biju Menon plays a villager named Baiju in the film. Baiju is employed in the irrigation department. Every day he travels to the city from the village for work and returns in the evening to be with his friends and family. In Baiju’s village there is a small club and Baiju from his early childhood was a member of it all others who were with Baiju as they grew up left the club and set out to make a career and became busy with their life. But Baiju sticked onto the club and was part of every match, festival celebrations and everything regarding the club. Soon after Baiju became the senior most member of the club Baiju became responsible for everything that the club members does and Baiju was considered as a guardian to them. Baiju loved to be the leader of the children and didn’t consider it as any shame or anything. The film views the events and happenings of a small village relating to the club and Baiju.

After Maheshinte Prathikaram this is a realistic film with no drama at all and that is why people are going to love it. The director has crafted the film in a way that you will just feel that you are witnessing the incidents of a village infront of your eyes and the film makes you a part of it. For such a film obviously Biju Menon is the apt casting as the actor has already proved as a natural actor. The female lead Hannah Reji Koshy has also done a notable perfomance in this. Aju Varghese has always have played his humour part brilliantly, Deepak Parambol and Hareesh Perummannai also did a great job in the film.

Prashanth Raveendran’s Cinematography was quite good and he managed to capture some great frames from the village and gave the film a more realistic look with his frames. The songs of the film were composed by Bijibal and all the songs were melodious and were also visualized beautifully.

FILM VERDICT: A Must Watch Feel Good Realistic Film

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