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Rana Daggubatii have only one eye, he can`t see with the other

Rana Daggubati the Villain of the epic film Baahubali who has amazed us with his villanous performance and his tough body have revealed something during an interview that might probably shock you. The actor can`t see with his both eye. His right eye is only functional and he can`t see anything with his left eye. When the actor dislclosed this during a television talk show the audience was shocked and at the same time felt sorry for the actor.

There are currently many people who keep complaining about the things they don`t have and their defects, Rana is definitly a motivation to all those people and for all those people who have some physical or ental weakness. Some people believe that if something such happens to them their life, career and everything comes to an end but the Baahubali actor has shown to us that life only slows down if we slow down.

Rana has done a superb performance in the film and his enacting of the role of Bhalladeva the power and energy in the character is one of the main factors that gave depth to the story of the film and also the rivalry betweeen Bahubali and Bhalladeva made it a thrilling one to the audience.

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