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Sachin the god of cricket. For Indians he is the god of everyone no matter cricket lover or hater. Everyone loves Sachin. Because he was not only conferring the records in the ground but also he was winning the hearts of Indians. No one in the world can replace Sachin from the heart of Indians. To the world of cricket he is the Little master and Master blaster. We can see from his presences in the ground that he is the most decent and gentle men in the ground. The best example to say to children. Grow and be like Sachin.

Due to these all reason now the film is going to release with true story of Sachins life. After the announcement of the films name ” SACHIN A BILLION DREAM ” the director James Eskrine had got best replies from the common people. There is now doubt that this film will hit the big screen with a great win. The lead role sin the film were acted by our own Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag. These two were the best pair ever seen in the opening batting in Indian teams. Everyone is waiting for this great film.

Watch the trailer.

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