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Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review

The film Sachin: A Bilion Dreams has finally hit the screens today. One of the main highlight of the film is that sachin himself is in the film, the film is a sports-docudrama that takes a deep and closer look of sachin’s life and achievements.

The film is directed by James Erskin and he definitly needs to be appreciated for such an effort. The film moves in a steady pace and before the release there were allegation that the film would move on like a documentary and will be a boring experience but the film turned out to be quite different. Sachin is the narrator of the film and to hear Sachins life story in his own voice is really interesting and inspiring.

Many real life videos of sachin from his childhood have been used in the film and gives the film more realistic look and a good experience for the viewers. The film of course starts with Sachin’s childhood to what he is now.

There are also many visuals that makes the adrenaline rush for the Sachin Tendulkar fans out there. The match between India and Pakistan in which Sachin hit Pakistan’s Abdul Qadir for four sixes in one over at the 1989 Exhibition Match. Sachin has many achievements and many great moments in his cricketing career and the director has managed to include the top achievements footage in the film.

Sachin also had tough times in his career but the film doesn’t focus much on those and that is a sad part since the film is a biography and it must cover all ups and downs honestly. The film is a great experience for all Sachin Fans and also others and is really an inspiring one.

The music for the film was also nicely done and it was a good watch throughout.

FINAL VERDICT: The life Journey of Sachin Narrated by himself, A Truly Inspiring One.

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