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Tovino steals The Most Desirable Man title from Dulquer Tovino Thomas is really stealling the show from other Youth Actors of Malayalam. The actor till date has done only a few films but has many fans and followers. Tovino`s style statements and fashion sense have alwas been a hit and the actor is not only liked for his stylish looks and intense voice but also due to his acting skills, He has showed us some excellent acting skills in the last year release film Guppy. Now Tovino is Kochi Times Most Desirable Man of 2016. The poll was conducted online and the actor won it with the highest number of votes. In the poll, Dulquer was the elected as the Most Desirable Men of 2015 and this year it is Tovino. When asked `What do you think makes you the most desirable?` The actor replied “Frankly, I don’t think I am all that desirable. I believe I’m a decent-looking guy. I was considered for the list because I am an actor and a popular figure. Every day when I walk the streets, I see men who are more handsome, have a better physique and features than me” Tovino also added that he is extremely happy as he was voted by the people the most as the Most Desirable Man.

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